• HT5000 Fiber Laser 20W

    Keep the environment clean and green!

    With various green-hosting initiatives and technology improvements HT5000 is able to offer completely eco-friendly.

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  • HT6000 CO2 Laser 30W

    Adapts perfectly for all devices

    It takes full advantage of HT6000. HT6000 comes with a completely responsive design which adapts perfectly for all device resolutions.

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  • PFS CO2 Laser

    Make it simple. Keep everything in sync!

    Easily access and share your data wherever and whenever you want. Increase your flexibility with our new machine.

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  • ScanVision Application

    HYLAX proprietary ScanVision™ Laser system incorporates vision camera system, in-line with laser beam path, through the galvanometers beam positioning system. Realtime Vision compensation for workpiece drift or fiducial find accurate to a few microns tolerance can be achieved at blinding speed of a few milliseconds in laser processing systems(welding, marking, cutting, drilling etc).

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  • Laser Marking Application

    In Laser Marking, a laser beam is used to make permanent marks on materials such as glass, various types of plastics and polymers, gold, sliver, stainless steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, copper, brass, other metal alloys, ceramic etc.

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  • Laser Cutting Application

    Laser cutting makes use of a laser beam to separate parts or materials, instead of using conventional methods that require the tool to be in contact with the material to be cut.

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  • Laser Welding Application

    Laser welding uses a laser beam to joint usually two materials together, usually without any additional materials, by using the heat generated by the focused laser beam to melt the materials together.

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  • Laser Drilling Application

    High precision X-Y stage up to +/- 1um position accuracy. Consistent hole diameter and depth with power feedback control. Complete with vision system and software compensation to correct any distortion in product .

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