• HT6000 CO2 Laser 30W

    Adapts perfectly for all devices

    It takes full advantage of HT6000. HT6000 comes with a completely responsive design which adapts perfectly for all device resolutions.

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  • HT5000 Fiber Laser 20W

    Keep the environment clean and green!

    With various green-hosting initiatives and technology improvements HT5000 is able to offer completely eco-friendly.

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  • PFS CO2 Laser

    Make it simple. Keep everything in sync!

    Easily access and share your data wherever and whenever you want. Increase your flexibility with our new machine.

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HyperLaser Core Systems : ScanVision™


HyperLaser is the leading precision laser manufacturer in Taiwan and integrator of laser and laser based solutions. Our nimble flexibility in working with customers, coupled with our expertise in the area of laser welding, laser cutting, vision, optics, electronics, control, mechanical and software. We have come up with proven high precision, high speed laser systems to meet the most demanding applications worldwide.

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ScanVision Concept

ScanVision™ : High Precision Laser Processing Solutions

HyperLaser propriety ScanVision Laser System incorporates vision camera system, in-line with laser beam path, through the galvanometers beam positioning system. Real time Vision compensation for work-piece drift or fiducial find accurate to a few microns tolerance can be achieved at binding speed of a few milliseconds in laser processing systems (Welding, Marking, Cutting, Drilling and etc). Post process inspection in-site and 2D codes marks verification is done all in one compact module.

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We offer a wide range of standard and customized laser solutions for Marking, Engraving, Welding, Cutting, Drilling and Material Surface Treatments.