• PFS CO2 Laser

    Make it simple. Keep everything in sync!

    Easily access and share your data wherever and whenever you want. Increase your flexibility with our new machine.

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  • HT6000 CO2 Laser 30W

    Adapts perfectly for all devices

    It takes full advantage of HT6000. HT6000 comes with a completely responsive design which adapts perfectly for all device resolutions.

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  • HT5000 Fiber Laser 20W

    Keep the environment clean and green!

    With various green-hosting initiatives and technology improvements HT5000 is able to offer completely eco-friendly.

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ScanVision™ System

In-line Vision Laser Technology

Cutting edge vision-assisted precision laser processing solution. HYLAX proprietary ScanVision™ Technology combines with a vision camera system and a laser system to offer a high precision, high speed laser processing.

  • Laser Engraving
  • Laser Welding
  • Laser Marking
  • Laser Cutting
  • Laser Drilling
  • Laser Surface Processing

ScanVision™ Concept

By positioning the camera in-line with the laser path, visible light for the vision camera travels in the same path as the laser beam, through the galvanometers beam positioning system. This makes it possible to achieve real-time vision compensation of work piece drift or fiducial finding with accuracy up to 3 microns in milliseconds. All tolerances of conventional vision assisted laser systems such as XY table, F-Theta lens, galvanometers positioning errors, work piece and jig tolerance are therefore eliminated.

ScanVision™ in action
ScanVision™ Concept

ScanVision™ Features & Advantages

  • In-line visible light and laser beam perfect coincident to each other – nearly zero tolerance between laser beam and vision path.
  • High Speed Movement (in milliseconds), High Accuracy (in microns) & large area coverage by movement of galvanometers to perform
    • Vision Check
    • Fiducial Find
    • Pre/Post Mark Inspection
    • Laser Processing
    • 2D Data Matrix Verification
    • Orientation Check
  • Axes X, Y and theta drift work piece misalignment compensation without moving work piece.
  • No need expensive jig and fixture for work pieces to achieve accurate laser processing.
  • Real time point of mark inspection & viewing before and after marking.
  • No need to shuttle work piece between laser and camera positions (galvanometer moving), resulting in
    • Reducing processing time, delivering a much higher throughput.
    • Small work envelope requirement (Compact Design).
    • Elimination of tolerances associated with mechanical movements.
  • Vision check and laser processing performed almost simultaneously.
  • Proven software interfaces in Visual Basic, C plus plus, Ethernet and RS-232 to link with 3rd party software for complex solutions and customization.